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December 29, 2012

Embedded M2M Solutions - TMCnet Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

M2M (machine to machine) technology lets wired and wireless devices communicate and understand one another. In other words, M2M technology gives devices the ability to capture meaningful information and translate it into understandable data.

This week, two companies revealed some changes to improve its M2M technology.

Mentor Graphics (News - Alert) Corporation’s recent update to its Mentor Embedded Nucleus Real-Time Operating System Platform enables it to be utilized for smart device development of machine to machine (M2M) apps, specific to environments that do not have support environments. It now features zero configuration networking, mDNS and DNS service discovery (SD) support.

“Developers of smart networking-based devices and applications will benefit from the latest advancements in Nucleus and also be able to enjoy an increase in embedded development productivity,” explained Scot Morrison, general manager of Runtime Solutions at Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division.

Read more about the features here.

Another company, Reportlinker.com, revealed it has added its latest report about M2M technology to its website. The new report called, “M2M – The Machine-to-Machine Market, 2012-2016 – 5th Edition,” reviewed the M2M market overall and reported on any trends and changes its seeing.

A number of factors have fueled the growth of M2M in the recent years. These include the introduction of a range of successful applications and regulatory mandates, rapid adoption of 3G technology, followed by the launch of 4G technology.

Read more about the report here.

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