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January 23, 2013

Embedded M2M Solutions - Identive Unveils GameChangeR

The gaming industry is discovering new uses for RFID technology. This technology can be used to provide an enhanced gaming experience to the users, and it can also be used to prevent counterfeiting. It will also help companies in identifying the legitimacy of the players.

Bringing contactless RFID technology into electronic games, Identive Group has introduced GameChangeR. According to the company, this new solution kit allows developers to make use of RFID technology to come up with improved and more interactive games.

The advantage of GameChangeR for developers is that it does not require the developer to have a deep knowledge of RFID technology. Even those developers who do not have any experience with it can make use of this technology to enhance the user experience they offer. Along with three GameChangeR tags, the kit also contains a specially-configured RFID reader.

Identive Group assists companies and individuals looking to safeguard their digital assets with its ID Infrastructure products. Users face a number of challenges in protecting their digital assets these days and the solutions from Identive Group help them in overcoming these challenges.

“Increasingly, people are interested in creating interactions between their physical environment and the virtual world. In areas such as electronic gaming, this is fueling demand for M2M solutions that allow a device, such as a game piece, to deliver information about itself to a software application, such as an electronic game, that determines how the piece will be used in the game," explained Dr. Manfred Mueller, COO Identification Products for Identive Group.

The company recently announced that it received a new order for its 300,000 SCR3310v2 smart card readers. This order has emerged from the Middle East to support a national electronic ID card program in that region. This new initiative will allow the users to access eGovernment and eAdministration applications.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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