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December 17, 2013

Embedded M2M Solutions - New mPanion Patent Sets Milestone in Location-based Messaging

mPanion, a Seattle-based mobile software development company offering next-generation mobile location services, announced it has been awarded U.S patent no. 8,583,079 for an innovative text messaging technology that could redefine the future of messaging.

The rise of new messaging technologies and social networking services has transformed the text messaging arena. However, according to mPanion founder and CEO Neeraj Chawla, few technologies have managed to change the basic user experience of creating a message.

mPanion’s new patented technology aims to enhance the messaging experience on mobile devices. It offers new and efficient ways to input messages into the device, and can be integrated with existing messaging and social services, Chawla added.

The scope of the new patent, titled “Rich Presence Status based on Location, Activity, Availability and Transit Status of a User” also includes technology that determines relevant text messages that a user can select from based on location, activity, availability and transit status of the user.

With this insight a user can select from while messaging or in social networking applications, which may be determined based on input parameters received from the user’s mobile device, such as his or her location, activity, availability, or transit status.

This messaging technique uses group based privacy settings and also offers a system to prioritize the automated system-generated updates and the manual user-generated updates.

The patent gains relevance as location based messaging is viewed as the future of messaging. This growth is mainly attributed to the growing popularity of sensor technologies embedded in mobile devices that enable such devices to detect motion, activity, and transit status of the users.

While addressing the key concerns of determining relevant text messages based on features like location, activity and availability of the users, the technology also addresses privacy concerns by sharing the status updates based on group based privacy settings. 

The new patent is the third from the USPTO in the portfolio of mPanion. mPanion also has five additional patents pending in the United States.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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