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February 14, 2014

Embedded M2M Solutions - DoubleDutch Announces iBeacon to Improve Attendee and Organizer Experience

DoubleDutch, the provider of mobile event applications, has announced two new features for their iOS and Android (News - Alert) apps that utilize iBeacon and Bluetooth LE location-based mobile technology.

One of its new features is ‘Head Count,’ that tracks session attendance based on attendees’ proximity, and the second feature, ‘Network Nearby’ provides a way for attendees to see when people are around. Both features are available now for event organizers to implement at their conferences, shows, and meetings.

“We believe beacons are a game changer for live events,” stated Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch.

“Today’s announcement will be the first of many that leverage proximity awareness to deliver a superior experience to attendees, exhibitors, and organizers,” Coburn adds.

These features provide value for event organizers and attendees alike. Head Count allows organizers to measure attendance at sessions by automating attendee check-in, reducing friction for attendees, and replacing badge scanners.

Also, DoubleDutch is using beacons to make it easier for event attendees to network with each other. The Network Nearby feature allows attendees to see when someone they have followed is nearby, facilitating serendipitous, real-life connections during the event. These features will maximize ROI for attendees and organizers alike.

"At UBM, we believe that delivering the right information to the right people at the right time is crucial to the event experience,” commented David Michael, CIO at UBM Tech. “DoubleDutch can now provide the essential location trigger to help us get there.”

DoubleDutch brings events and conferences from good to great with data-driven mobile technology. The company uses engagement data from users’ mobile event app to ensure that each event is better than the previous one.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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