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  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Blossom, Google, Silent Herdsmen
The holidays are inching closer and the rush to prep for Turkey Day has not hindered news in the Embedded M2M Solutions Community one bit. It appears to be that time, that's right; time for the week in review! - 11/22/2014

  M2M, Scottish Startup Helping Farmers with Productivity
It is not very often that in the M2M space we get to take a stroll through the farm, but today that is the case. As we've seen with its expansion, M2M and IoT technology is creating smarter homes, connecting cars and is now connecting farmers to thei… - 11/19/2014

  Third Party Developers Get the Green Light for Android Auto
Earlier this year in June, Google announced Android Auto. This represented Google's response to Apple's iOS in the Car platform. Both are reliant upon connected smartphones for accessing data and running compatible apps. Google noted that the average… - 11/19/2014

  Blossom's Smart Watering System Brings Internet of Things Power to Lawn Care
Granted, right now, the last thing on a lot of minds out there is lawn care. Maybe the last of the leaves could stand a raking. Maybe said leaves are sufficiently buried under snow that that ship has sailed, so to speak. But with spring only about 12… - 11/19/2014

  New Study Looks for Tech Disruptions from Machine Learning, Device-to-Device Communications
Technology is a field that's in constant flux, regularly moving, an ebb and flow of new devices coming into the field, old devices being displaced, and sometimes, old devices finding new uses or being modified in some way. A field in constant flux is… - 11/19/2014

Featured Sprint News

Safer Roads, Safer Drivers: Thank You Telematics
You don't have to be a gearhead to love your car, but what would it take to feel the same way about your insurance provider? With the adoption of telematics, drivers are given real-time statistics on their driving and are rewarded for driving efficie… - 11/05/2014

Sprint, Monnit Get Together to Make Powerful New Monitoring Options
It's old wisdom in business circles: if it can't be measured, it can't be managed. While this axiom isn't always spot on, it certainly never hurts to be able to measure something in order to better manage it later on. Effective measurement, meanwhile… - 10/28/2014

Leave Your Playbook at Home: Embracing Technology is the Only Play Needed
Never mind the hot, sexy and trending terms in the business world: the name of the game is technology. It is about innovations in technology making aspects of business easier, more productive and user-friendly. One provider riding the technology wave… - 10/23/2014

New Sprint Podcast Series Shows How to Put M2M into Practice
Most businesses have heard about the Internet of Things, also known as machine to machine (M2M) technology. M2M enables devices and machines to communicate with each other and people wirelessly, opening up the next step in the Internet revolution. - 10/22/2014

Sprint Highlights the Coming Payment Processing Revolution
Online and mobile payments are quickly becoming the norm, and this is introducing three key changes that collectively will shake up the payment processing space in a big way. Fraud is a bigger issue than ever and must be addressed in new ways, transa… - 10/22/2014

What Are Embedded M2M Solutions?

Welcome to the "Embedded M2M Solutions" community sponsored by Sprint. By utilizing embedded wireless technology, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions enable communication between machines and expand the ways they can "talk" to each other. As a trusted leader in M2M technology, Sprint works with a vast ecosystem of partners to provide customers with the experience and tools they need to achieve their business objectives. Companies of all sizes and in all industries are able to use their machines and devices to communicate in new and innovative ways by leveraging Sprint's networks.

The "Embedded M2M Solutions" community brings you the latest breaking news, announcements, case studies and white papers related to M2M solutions and the exciting, growing market of possibilities.