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  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Sprint, Telstra, Tesla and More
With every passing day embedded M2M solutions are becoming more intertwined into our lives. Whether it is a connected car, interactive kiosk or a smart home the future is now for M2M. On that note, it is that time again-time for the week in review! - 12/20/2014

  New Report Projects 168 Million Connected Wearables by 2019
There is a ton of hype about the Internet of Things and all that entails. The billions of connected things, big and small will provide new insight and change the way we live-literally. One piece to this puzzle is wearable technology, 2014 saw the unv… - 12/19/2014

  Telstra to Connect Tesla Model S
When asked about the opportunity back in August Thodey commented, "Suddenly your addressable market is enormous," Thodey said at the time. "They don't have the revenues per month that you would get from a person using a smartphone. It may be two, thr… - 12/18/2014

  Smart Homes: Coming Soon to a Street Near You
Parks Associates projects the sale of smart homes in the U.S. to reach 36 million units by 2017, and top 20 million by the end of 2014. It seems this growth is predicated on the kind of "bells and whistles" offered with the smart home. - 12/17/2014

  Embedded M2M Week in Review: Sprint, Vodafone and Synopsys
This week the Embedded M2M Solutions Community saw a bevy of news. From Sprint leadership offering some insight into what the future holds to the added value of digital signage this was yet another busy week in the M2M space. It's time to take a look… - 12/13/2014

Featured Sprint News

CSA and Sprint Partner for Connectivity
Sprint has been partners with CSA for nearly two years and has met with great success when implanting the Sprint provided and approved hardware. - 12/19/2014

Sprint's M2M Director Highlights What's Cool in IoT
Machine-to-machine communications is a key focus of the strategy at Sprint, which was a pioneer in this space as the first connectivity provider of Amazon's first Kindle eReader. Today Sprint provides M2M solutions for a variety of business and resid… - 12/09/2014

A Tow Leverages Telematics to Sit Atop Atlanta Technology and Towing Industries
Recently, innovative CEO Page Porter and her company A Tow Inc. were awarded the Technology Association of Georgia's (TAG) 2014 Excalibur award in the small company category. - 12/03/2014

Safer Roads, Safer Drivers: Thank You Telematics
You don't have to be a gearhead to love your car, but what would it take to feel the same way about your insurance provider? With the adoption of telematics, drivers are given real-time statistics on their driving and are rewarded for driving efficie… - 11/05/2014

Sprint, Monnit Get Together to Make Powerful New Monitoring Options
It's old wisdom in business circles: if it can't be measured, it can't be managed. While this axiom isn't always spot on, it certainly never hurts to be able to measure something in order to better manage it later on. Effective measurement, meanwhile… - 10/28/2014

What Are Embedded M2M Solutions?

Welcome to the "Embedded M2M Solutions" community sponsored by Sprint. By utilizing embedded wireless technology, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions enable communication between machines and expand the ways they can "talk" to each other. As a trusted leader in M2M technology, Sprint works with a vast ecosystem of partners to provide customers with the experience and tools they need to achieve their business objectives. Companies of all sizes and in all industries are able to use their machines and devices to communicate in new and innovative ways by leveraging Sprint's networks.

The "Embedded M2M Solutions" community brings you the latest breaking news, announcements, case studies and white papers related to M2M solutions and the exciting, growing market of possibilities.