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Featured Articles

  IBM's Ahluwalia Offers ADEPT Talk on How to Advance IoT

  WebNMS Expands IoT Strategy with New Partnership, Emphasizes Energy Applications

  The Internet of Things Market Gets a Big Push from Identiv Labs

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: ORBCOMM, InSync and much more

  'IIoT' Isn't Getting the Attention it Deserves

  New Research Finds Healthcare is Hesitant to Invest in Machine-to-Machine Technology

  Wheelings & Dealings: ORBCOMM Rounds Out Portfolio with Purchase of InSync

  Looking Down Under for M2M Market Gains as Australian Boom Begins

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Sprint, Qualcomm, OIC and More

  Qualcomm, Arrow and D-Link Illuminating M2M Space

  First AllSeen, Now OIC Releases IoT Software Specs

  Nuance Adds New Features and Mobile App to Connected Car Platform

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: FTC, Qualcomm, BluVision and More

  CES: FTC Chair Discusses Need for Secure, Connected Future

  BluVision Showcases iBEEK Beacons Powered by TI Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Solutions

  Marvell Goes Big in the IoT at CES

  Qualcomm: Let There Be Smart Light

  Wheelings & Dealings: Sierra Wireless to Acquire Maingate

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Sprint, Telstra, Tesla and More

  New Report Projects 168 Million Connected Wearables by 2019

  Telstra to Connect Tesla Model S

  Smart Homes: Coming Soon to a Street Near You

  Embedded M2M Week in Review: Sprint, Vodafone and Synopsys

  2014 Coverity Scan Report Shows Lower IoT Project Defect Rates

  Digital Signage: A Value Adding Proposition

  Vodafone Leader Shares Expectations for M2M in the Year Ahead

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Sprint, Tele2, Telefonica and Geotab

  When Will BYOD Come to Your Auto (Mobile)?

  Tele2 Announces Strategic Partnership Targeting Transport Sector

  Telefonica, Geotab Partner on New M2M Fleet Management Solution

  Buddy Platform Turns IoT Data into Useful Business Data

  Cell Providers, Brace for Impact: M2M is Coming

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Blossom, Google, Silent Herdsmen

  M2M, Scottish Startup Helping Farmers with Productivity

  Third Party Developers Get the Green Light for Android Auto

  Blossom's Smart Watering System Brings Internet of Things Power to Lawn Care

  New Study Looks for Tech Disruptions from Machine Learning, Device-to-Device Communications

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Panasonic, ConnectSense and More

  Smart Outlets Now?

  Panasonic Consolidates for M2M Innovation

  Are you Reading the Signs?

  More M2M Market Predictions Make Case for Strong Future

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Sprint, Nest, ORBCOMM

  Wheelings & Dealings: ORBCOMM Expands Reach and Offerings

  Mojio Offers Nearly-Universal Connected Car Solution

  No More Thermostat Games: Nest Gets Smarter

  Embedded M2M Solutions: Making Magic Happen

  Brazil's First Smart City

  M2M Can Save Lives and Money

  Is M2M the Magic Behind Disney?

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Do You Hear That? It's the Future Calling

  The Future for M2M is Big

  Freescale Launches SABRE AI Development System

  New ZyXEL Equipment Featuring Cloud-based Auto Configuration Service Announced

  Fleet Managers Turning to Telematics to Save on Insurance Costs

  European Fleet Management Market to See Growth and Consolidation Next Few Years

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Covering the Bases

  M2M: Lighting up the Fan Experience

  Xerox Adds Three New Wi-Fi Direct Printers to its Portfolio

  Appmethod Apps for IoT Age Connected Drones

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: The Revolution is Coming

  Sprint Highlights the Coming Payment Processing Revolution

  Plug-in Device and Service Notifies Drivers when Automobile Needs Servicing

  Sierra Wireless Poised for Continued Growth in M2M

  Gemalto's New Cinterion M2M Module Utilizes Sprint's Wireless Networking

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Exclamation Points or Question Marks?

  Berg Insight Predicts Telematics Subscriber Growth

  When Your Car is Watching: Privacy and Vehicle Telematics

  M2M and IoT Suffering from Lack of a Unifying Standard

  Orange to Develop New Location and Information-tracking Services

  Global Telematics Market to Experience 16.57 Percent CAGR Through 2018

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Farmlands to Fast Rides

  Vodafone & BMW Getting Together to Drive Connected Car Development

  Intel Turns to Israel Plant to Push Drive to 10 Nanometer Chips

  Moocall Sensor Uses M2M to Help Farmers

  Open Source Critical to Faster, More Reliable M2M Deployment

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: Connecting Homes, Communities and More

  M2M Can Enable New Savings, Revenue Opportunities Related to Field Services

  Cellwize partners with Cellcom Israel

  Sagemcom Partners with ERDF

  Australian Telematics Provider Expands Network

  Greenpeak Launches Smart Remote Control Technology

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: In the Home and on the Road

  How Mobile Growth and Big Data Will Change the Network Market

  Suddenlink's New Service Offers 24/7 Remote Control for the Connected Home

  Appmethod Development Platform Offers Powerful Tools for Internet of Things Functionality

  New 'Connected Transportation Solutions' Automates Many Passenger Train Services

  Ferrari FF Becomes First Automobile Delivered with Apple CarPlay

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review: From Wearables to Fleet Management

  C&C Group Sees Diverse Savings with Sprint's Geotab for Fleet Management

  Icontrol Offers Greater Connected Home Security with Piper

  M2M and Wearable Tech: Bringing Machines into the Future

  Ovum Forecasts Sunny Days for M2M market

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Broadcom's WICED Wi-Fi Deployed in New Handheld Z Backscatter Imaging System

  Cobra Electronics Offers Truck-Specific Navigation Unit

  Estimote Launches Bluetooth-enabled Beacons

  NV Energy Report Details the Benefits of IoT

  Telit Technology's Campus Eye Looks to Make School Safer

  Mobile Trends Show Bright Prospects for MVNOs

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  New Sprint Podcast Series Shows How to Put M2M into Practice

  Airbiquity Adds Two Content Providers to Choreo Connected Car Platform

  Silver Springs Networks Demonstrates How Smart Lights Can Benefit Australia

  Dash Smart Driving App Launches for iOS Devices

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Data Lake Provides Efficient Big Data Capture and Analysis

  The Advantage of Choosing the Right Carrier

  The Future of Connected Cars: Cortana or Siri for the Road

  ID Systems Patents Embedded M2M Vehicle Impact Management and Reporting Platform

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Strong and Relevant Branding Helps MVNOs Reach Success

  MVNO Success Rests on Strong Distribution Channels

  CSRmesh Development Kit Aids Developers

  70 Percent of IoT Devices are Vulnerable - HP

  Customers' Thirst for Bandwidth Expands M2M

  Smaller, Lightweight Sensors in Test and Measurement Will Be in Big Demand

  WISeKey: Getting Wiser

  Texas Instruments Ships More than 15 Million of Its ADAS SoC Devices

  ON World Survey Predicts that 20 Percent of Smart Homes Will Have at Least 50 Sensors by 2018

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Greenpeak Technologies' Smart Home Chips Support New Networking Protocols

  Enterprise Fleet Management Partners with Geotab

  Why 2G is Best for Embedded M2M

  I.D. Systems Announces Order from Leading Automotive Manufacturer

  Wake Up! M2M Devices Alert Drowsy Drivers

  Wheelings & Dealings: Automile, Telit Drive M2M Telematics with Recent Partnership

  Iotera Announes the Launch of Iota Kickstarter Campaign

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  New Thread Protocol to Expand the Possibilities for IoT

  Say the Word - Cortana Will Switch on the Connected Home

  The Race is On

  Sprint Senior Director to Keynote at M2M Conference

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Wholesale Solutions Make it Easy to be a Cutting Edge MVNO

  ItsOn Partners with Sprint to Advance No-contract Mobile

  Fleet Management Systems to Experience Rapid Growth in Russia, Eastern Europe Through 2018

  Embedded M2M Deployments on the Rise

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Karen Freitag - Thought Leader for Sprint Wholesale

  The Next Internet Revolution Will Come from Machines Talking to Each Other

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  IBM Selected by Toyota Motor Corporation

  Getting Charitable with Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

  Italian City Employs 'Smart Parking' to Guide Drivers to Open Spots

  Improve Transportation Assets With I.D. Systems' Transportation Asset Management Solutions

  Eurotech Announces Contribution to Eclipse Kura

  Embedded Machine to Machine Solutions Week in Review

  Wheelings & Dealings: Vodafone Acquires Cobra's Connected Automotive Technologies

  John Deere and Mediacom Join Together to Bring Broadband to Rural Areas

  Take a Page out of the M2M Book

  Icontrol Certifies New Devices for OpenHome Ecosystem

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Kepware Technologies Recognized with 2014 M2M Evolution Product of the Year Award

  Sprint Selects ItsOn Smart Service Platform

  New Report Highlights IoT Potential for MNOs in Automobiles

  Fleet Managers Can Improve Services with GPS Tracking

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Iridium to Provide Global Connectivity for New SkyBitz as a Service Offering

  RxSafe's RxASP Machines Use RFID to Automatically Dispense Medications

  Samsung Digital Health Initiative Brings IoT Benefits to Consumers

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  PAEW Impressed with MIX Telematics Fleet Management Solution

  LSR Aims High with Additional Testing Capabilities

  General Alert Embracing the Internet of Things

  Reaching MVNO Success: Defining a Clear Business Plan and Strategy

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  FreeWave Showcases New M2M Wireless Networking Solutions

  Connected Cleaners: Hangers Cleaners Uses Sprint, Geotab Fleet Tracking to Improve Business Operations

  Wheelings & Dealings: Micronet Acquires Beijer Electronics M2M Business

  Identifying Niche Markets Among Keys to MVNO Success

  Telit Powers Data Connectivity for GeaCom's Phrazer

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  iGen Networks Acquires GPS Tracking Company Nimbo

  TRX Systems Wins Three New Indoor Location and Mapping Patents

  Sprint Brings Improved Wireless Connectivity to Spireon GoldStar GPS, LoanPlus CMS

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  How MVNOs Can Embrace the Growing Demand for Mobility, Wireless Connectivity

  RAC Saves 17 Percent in Fleet Fuel Costs with M2M Technology

  Silver Spring to Leverage MongoDB Database for Enabling Real-time Smart Grid Data Platform

  Sprinting Ahead: Panorama Gives MVNO Market a New View

  Pitney Bowes to Develop Geospatial, Location Intelligence, BI Solutions with SAP HANA Platform

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Vantiv, Sprint Boost Membership and Donations for Rockville Science Center with Mobile POS

  First Quarter Results for Atmel Corporation are Better Than Expected

  Grid Connect Rolls out Wireless Sensors Line-Up Joins The Growing Roster Of IoT Companies

  Mobile and the MVNO Opportunity

  Clarke Environmental Saves Big with Geotab Fleet Management

  Motorola Deploys Corporate-Wide WLAN at all Isola Group Locations

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Mexico Crime-fighting Network to Use Redline's Secure Wireless Networking System

  Alpine Announces Aftermarket CarPlay Consoles Coming This Fall

  mHealth Driving the Future of Healthcare

  ACKme Networks Offers First Product in Family of Complete Wireless Connectivity Solutions

  GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware selected by M2M Spectrum Networks

  Sprint Announces Shut Down of WiMax Network

  Sprint Panorama Helps MVNOs Deliver on Mobile Expectations, Demands

  Kerlink Adds Semtech's LoRa Long-Range RF Technology to Its New Long Range IoT Station

  Internet2 and Innova Intro Unique University Electric Vehicle to Aid Research and Cut Carbon Emissions

  Catching Up on Sprint's Strategy for Chrysler, Connected Cars

  Essence Offers M2M Technologies for the Connected Home and Eldercare

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  What is Sprint Panorama?

  Spark Integration Technologies Has New Office in Los Gatos, California

  Frost & Sullivan Awards RacoWireless for M2M Efforts

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  The M2M Pie is Large Enough for Everyone

  ComQi Introduces Retail Digital Signage with Interactive Engagement Features

  Omnichannel Marketing Blurs Brick-and-Mortar, Online Retail

  Telematics Set to Explode in Growth Beyond Trucking

  Lantronix Ignites Productivity with xPrintServer Mobile Printing Support on New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

  Choosing a Network for Digital Signage

  Wi-SUN Alliance, HomePlug Alliance Announce Liaison Agreement

  HID Trusted Tag Services Offers Security in the Internet of Things

  ABI Research Predicts Embedded In-car Navigation to Grow 38 Percent by 2019

  New Three Way Affiliation Between Spireon, Sprint and CU Solutions Group

  Pegasystems Helps Organizations, Individuals Take Advantage of the Process of Everything

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  CalAmp Introduces New Wireless Devices for Fleet Management and Other Vehicle Applications

  WirelessCar Expands its Automotive Telematics Solutions in Europe and the Middle East

  DCS Solutions, Telit to Simplify and Secure Vehicle Valet Services

  Iridium Communications Signs Partnership Agreement with ZTR Control Systems

  Demand for Internet of Things Platform in EMEA Fuels ThingWorx Management Team Expansion

  Sprint Now Offers IMS UBI Intelligence Powered by DriveSync

  Jump Technologies' JumpTrack Cloud Computing POD Solution Gets More Popular

  Federal Communications Commission Grants Certification to Nextivity's Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster for T-Mobile

  CalAmp Details New MDT-7 Mobile Data Terminal

  Cypress Semiconductor Intros Range of CY8CMBR3x CapSense Controllers

  Berg Insight: European Wireless M2M Modules to Reach 18.7 Million By 2018

  Eurotech Intros New Modules in Catalyst Series of Embedded Computers

  HCC Embedded Intros Advanced File System for Smart Energy Meter Applications

  AppCarousel Joins GENIVI Alliance to Contribute to Vehicle Infotainment Solutions

  Telit Wireless Launches Jupiter SL871: Small Form Factor Multi-constellation GNSS

  Pharmacy in Austin Using Shelfbucks' Indoor Location System to Push Promos to Shoppers

  Wipro and Agnik Team to Delivering Connected Car Services

  Atmel New Embedded Solutions Designed for Industrial, Consumer M2M Use

  Embedded M2M Week in Review

  DoubleDutch Announces iBeacon to Improve Attendee and Organizer Experience

  Ericsson: How to Profit from 50 Billion Connected Devices

  I.D. Systems Receives High-value Purchase Order for PowerFleet Vehicle Management System

  Need to Remain Competitive Driving M2M Adoption in Key Industries

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Protecting Embedded Devices to Help Secure the Internet of Things

  Emprog Announces Full Support for New Texas Instruments Tiva C Series

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  The UAE Launches mHealth Program

  u-blox Intros Low-power Dual-band GSM/GPRS Modem for Asia and Europe

  NextG-Com Intros LTE Protocol Stack for M2M and High-performance Applications Market

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  SeeControl and All-Terrain Communications Collaborate to Deliver Custom IoT and M2M Cloud Applications

  Connected Prototypes 101

  Silicon Labs Offers Power-efficient Embedded M2M Solutions to Develop IoT Applications

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Neul Unveils NeulNET M2M Network Solution

  u-blox Intros TOBY-L2 and MPCI-L2 Modem Series

  SOBERLINK to Add Facial Recognition Feature to its Alcohol Monitoring System

  Airbiquity Integrates Baidu Internet Services into Choreo Connected Vehicle Services Platform

  ZTE, Nuance Partnership Brings New Car Mode application for ZTE Android Devices

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Broadcom Unveils M2M, Home Networking Solutions at CES 2014

  Conexant Embedded Imaging Software Supports Broadcom Wi-Fi Networking Solution

  Gemalto Intros Oracle Java ME Embedded v 8 Solutions Based on Qualcomm Chipsets

  QNX Software Launches First In-car Infotainment System Powered by Snapdragon Automotive Solutions

  Huawei Focused on Using 4G to Deliver M2M Services

  Mobileye Integrates Collision Avoidance System with Accel's VOYAGER Connected Car Smartphone

  Ford's Sync AppLink Set for Expansion

  Solem Electronique Selects GainSpan for Wireless Controllers for Garden Automation

  Technicolor in Pact with IBM for Analytics of IoT and M2M Cloud Services

  Arrayent to Showcase New Connectivity Solutions Based on IOT Platform at CES 2014

  Internet of Things Platform Provider ThingWorx Now a Part of PTC

  Cellular M2M Connectivity in Industrial Automation to Grow by 2018

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  GSMA's New SIM Specs Focus On M2M Connections

  STMicroelectronics Joins ARM mbed Project to Enable the Development of Intelligent Electronics Products

  ThingWorx to Power RailComm's M2M and Industrial Internet Applications

  Tata Consultancy Services Announces the Launch of TCS Insurance Telematics Solution

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Industrial Automation Cellular M2M Market to Touch 2.1 Million Shipments in 2018

  Greenliant Shipping Announces Mass Production of eMMC NANDrive

  GPS in Smartphones Pushing Growth in Global Location-based Applications Market

  New mPanion Patent Sets Milestone in Location-based Messaging

  Retailer Basics: Providing Primary and Failover Wireless Point of Sale in Retail

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  Ventus Unveils New Wireless Solutions for Retail Industry

  Lantronix Intros IPv6 Solution XPort Pro Lx6 for IoT Deployments

  Rising LTE Migration to Impact M2M Evolution in Key Markets

  Broadcom Adds Bluetooth Smart SoC to its WICED Family

  Microchip Adds New Tools, Software Framework to Arduino-compatible chipKIT Ecosystem

  Jasper Wireless Enters into Partnership with Tele2 AB

  connectBlue Debuts Multiradio Module OWL355 for Internet of Things Applications

  IUS Technologies Unveils TD Series of Smart Sensors to Stop Power Theft

  Honda Accord, Acura RDX and ILX to Get Apple's Siri Eyes Free Mode

  Sprint M2M Enables AppCard to Drive Customer Loyalty, Business Growth for Retailers

  Swedish Technology Firm Unveils Trax Smart GPS Tracker for Children and Pets

  Digital Signage, Ad Targeting a Concern for Holiday Shoppers

  More Players Eyeing the Potential of the Connected Home

  Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review

  ORBCOMM Enters into an Agreement with Telefonica Digital

  Sprint Velocity Gets Expanded Vehicle, Device Support with Sprint Velocity Connect

  Libelium's Waspmote Platform Comes with New Integration Options

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